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Brazil, the sunniest of the amusingly-acronymned BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China), is currently enjoying unprecedented amounts of goodwill on the international world stage, not hindered by its increasing confidence in areas like diplomacy and manufacture, nor Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes winning the Olympic bid for his city.
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Enough of the geo-political preamble, This is a design blog! we hear you cry. Rest assured readers, we haven’t forgotten my duties to you, just providing the wider context to introduce some impressive contemporary work in the visual fields, from both studios and freelancers, to have recently emerged from this Latin giant.

Latin Ascent Typography


This simple yet complex letterform by Jackson Alves was, coincidentally, created at the same Letaria workshop that Dado Queiroz (see above) taught at.


Ultra-impactful signwriting by Nomad Ink for Curitiba-based restaurant Wonka Bar. Though zany, control has been maintained over the composition.

Website Design


I urge you all to peruse the website of children’s clothes and accessories shop Família Ovo, designed by Pernambuco-based studio Mooz. A perfect response to a brief for a shop of Família Ovo’s kind.

Graphic Design


Though much of the work displayed here is of a more unexpected flavour to typical ‘European’ design, Brazilian designers are capable of delivering clean, well-ordered logotypes with the best of 'em. These are by Dado Queiroz.


A road sign-based response to a brief for a documentary about Curitiba’s new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system by design studio Nomad Ink. These signs are titles for the documentary—if anyone can find it online let me know!

Built Environment


In the hands of a lesser studio it could so easily have gone garish. Staggering, yet unobtrusive, environmental design for Brazilian beauty centre Set by Mooz.



Another from Mooz, this time identity and website for men’s fashion website Neonico. Note the triptych of explosive effects on the last characters of the logotypes.


These few images, which demonstrate bundles of imagination, are part of an extensive branding project by Rodrigo Bellão for iPhone game developer 99ft Jetpack’s first game, Box n’ Bug.



Illustration with type for a T-shirt design by Rafael Nascimento. No matter how far you travel, it seems homages to Helvetica and all things Swiss are never far away.


Beautiful vector illustration on the theme of gay rights for Metropole magazine by (again) Rafael Nascimento.

In Sum

This’ll be one of the easiest summaries I’ve ever written and not much need be said, other than keep an eye on the blue green & yellow nation. With work of this calibre across the full gamut of creative industries Brazil’s reputation as a nation of great football may soon be eclipsed by its growing reputation in the creative fields. And to that I say “Saude!”


Indeed we are. Described as a logo development side project for Brazilian band Área Restrita, Murilo Grafics gets the balance between elegance and Photoshop effects just right.

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