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Student Work

Image of student Monique

Monique Patience - Hi, Im Student of the Week!

I just finished my course with TGDS where they offered me a dream role, helping out across graphic design and social media. I’m loud, creative and enjoy spending time with family and friends – drinking, eating and travelling.

Coffee Bags designed by Monique Patience for Java Love
Image of student Cheryl

Cheryl Forbes

Cheryl has always loved designing things and at the age of 46 decided it was time to do something that I have always wanted to do, study design! Now she's working as a graphic designer for Sun Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.

Three soaps
Three soap blocks, one is laying down.
Image of student Amy

Amy Ferreira

Sydney based designer, Amy is passionate about travel, dogs, reading and design!

Aroma Candles Blue Front Designed by Amy Ferreira
Aroma Candles Blue Back Designed by Amy Ferreira
Aroma Candles Green Front Designed by Amy Ferreira
Aroma Candles Green Back Designed by Amy Ferreira
Image of student Jacqui

Jacqui Hunt

Fashionista, designer, and mum of three kids Jacqui is combining her talent with textiles and graphic design into some truly beautiful work.

Design of products by Jacqui Hunt by Jacqui Hunt
2nd Design of products by Jacqui Hunt by Jacqui Hunt
3rd Design of products by Jacqui Hunt by Jacqui Hunt
Image of student Kristen

Kristen Boydstun

Munich-based illustrator and printmaker, Kristen finished her studies with TGDS a few years ago. Ever since she has been working clients from Toyota Canada to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Ancona Graphic Art by Kristen Boydstun
Image of student Chia

Chia Lin

Full-time pharmacist Chia has recently finished her course in TGDS. She says it has opened her mind up to a whole new perspective on design.

Full range of products for Miyamoto Tea Shop
Image of student Natasha

Natasha Killeen

Natasha is a full-time designer working in branding, marketing and communications.

Design of Studio floor for XYZ Architects
Branding for North East Provedores
Image of student Anouk

Anouk Möller

Anouk is a dutch girl returned in Amsterdam after two years in Melbourne. She excels at packaging, branding and corporate identity. She is now establishing herself as a freelance designer.

Four pastel clipboards with inspirational quotes
Image of student Ashley

Ashley Van Den Heuvel

Ashley is a Queensland surfy chick, with a real talent for magazine design and branding.

Glossy spread of a magazine opened in the middle
Image of student Sean

Sean Mates

TGDS Graduate Sean Mates is an Identity Designer, he works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to help find their identity in the most simple and natural way possible.

Logo for Watts design
Spread of man in garden with pink triangles
Spread of smiling man with pink triangles
Image of student Chloe

Chloe Cooper

Chloe is serial generalist. She has worked in music, fashion design, journalism and (soon!) graphic design. She believe that knowledge is the most important thing, and I aim to be a lifelong learner.

Promotional logos for Wildwood Makeup with a makeup container and box packaging
Image of student Dawn

Dawn Reade

Dawn is a Belfast girl, loving life on the Isle of Mull on Scotland’s wild west coast. Her husband and her run a biscuit bakery making lots of organic biscuits.

Promotional cartoon for lemon melts, featuring a hand drawn lighthouse, goat and rowing viking
Image of student Corey

Corey Crowden

Corey is from Melbourne, Australia. He is a freelance designer, a web developer, a problem solver. He learnt with us to design with purpose and meaning.

Post of an adventure with the word endeavour on a cobblestone street
Image of student Sebastian

Sebastian Kayle

Sebastian in a designer, a father, a talented illustrator and another example of a successful reconversion to design!

Three snowglobes of different colours featured in a campaign promoting homeless awareness
Image of student Jessica

Jessica Watts

My name is Jessica and I live in the Netherlands. Since discovering my passion for design I decided that an online graphic design study was perfect for me - I found TGDS online and after some research I decided that the course and its modules were exactly what I was looking for.

Jessica's Logo Design 1
Jessica's Logo Design 2
Image of student Andrew

Andrew Rayson

Andrew is a designer from Newcastle Upon Tyne and is working freelance, he has an online shop and has designed a t-shirt range.

Campaign for shark attacks at a bus stop
Image of student David

David Bignell

Lifting the lid on graphic design throughout this course has been exciting and challenging. The course material is well written and researched. The tutors have been sensational. They are real world industry professionals with a passion for design and the ability to share that skill with you.

Medical Logo 1
Medical Logo 2
Medical Logo 3
Image of student Lynsay

Lynsay Campbell

The Graphic Design course is a fantastic resource for anyone who has an interest in forging a career in visual communication, or simply has a casual interest in the subject. The best part is, you can do this course at your own pace - There’s no deadlines and no need to stop full time work.

Singer Jarvis Cocker on a magazine spread
Image of student Anna

Anna Greenwood

I really loved the course and I am so pleased I found The Graphic Design School. I had wanted to do a Graphic Design course for a long time but couldn't take time off to physically attend classes, so the online option was perfect for me.

Street banner in a city for guitars grooves and good times
Image of student Robert

Robert Alexander

Hi, I'm Robbie and as much as I'd like to tell you how much I Iove coffee stained pants, sadly I don't. I like Great Danes, fresh new shoes and I also love everything about design. The great thing about TGDS and their online course is that you can take it anywhere with you and it fits in nicely with the rest of life.

Design for AOC Campaign
Image of student Bryan

Bryan Look

Bryan was one of the first TGDS students -- back in 2008. Banker by day, designer by night.

Bryan Look Personal Identity
Image of student Bec

Bec Lloyd

Even though I studied visual arts, photography and graphic design while at school, once I entered the workforce, I unfortunately fell off the creative wagon. After nearly 10 years of doing a variety of admin work, I decided it was time to do something that I love, so I enrolled at The Graphic Design School. It was the best decision I've ever made!

Poster showing a cat parodying Personal Ads
Magazine showing a labrador parodying personal ads
Bus stop ad showing a dog parodying personal ads
Image of student Louise

Louise Firth

I originally studied graphic design to supplement my work as a digital marketing specialist but soon fell head-over-heels in love with the world of graphic design. Studying online with TGDS was a great experience and gave me the freedom to continue my studies while I travelling and working overseas.

Campaign for Fox Hole line of clothing 1
Campaign for Fox Hole line of clothing 2
Image of student Trina

Trina Rogan

The Graphic Design Schools Certificate in Design stretched my creativity and challenged me (in a nice way). As a previously self-taught computer-bound designer, I certainly made friends with my pencils and sketching pad. Any folks wanting to expand their learning in a practical and creative way then this is the course for you (oh go on then...).

Design with a man with long hair headbanging
Design with a concert ticket over a girl's face
Design with a man and woman with long hair headbanging